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Crisis in Dubai: Main Reasons According To The Economist

Crisis in Dubai: Main Reasons According To The Economist Magazine

Credit to The Economist


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  1. I’m still trying to work out which side of the political fence you are on. Because I can’t, this is a good thing and means your reviews are balanced and credible.

    • +Dont Worry I think they mentioned The Economist in this case.

  2. you can’t run a modern economy with medieval law the sharia with a medieval potentate sitting on the throne wearing a silly dress with a tea tower for a headdress .. bloody evolve.. who are you kidding..

    • This is not the case here. Please do not put blame on Dress. Real issue is laziness of locals and greed leading tp exploitation of poor migrants.

  3. Arrogance & Mismanagement. Period.

  4. But in expo 2020 it will recover as before or more than that

    • rajesh janeda never dream about it once down it s only one way ticket

    • +nap ben dude same thing happened in 2009 also but u see

  5. Dubai is in crisis so is India going for the same trouble

    • Dubai supported Modi ($$$$)

  6. They deserve it they treat Indian worker’s like animals.

    • Sad… thanks for sharing your Exprience.

    • People behave like PIGZZZ (Modern World).

    • +ali moulay – Don’t dare to call my brothers Pigs👊👊👊

    • +Ghostface face Inbred pigs at that.

    • +nickcarlon – shut your mouth dirty pig

  7. the world’s will go down not only in dubai coz the earth is not expanding or widening. just imagine a company, to get higher stock continously it will put branches and expantion even in other countries but what if theres no more place to put thier branches then thats the reason the stocks to go down resulting to economic crisis and possibly all over the world as the bible predicts it espescially at the end of times

  8. Get out while you can. They have showen you what they are capable of.
    Greedy murderous unhuman

  9. Good for them.joining S.A to kill Yemanis!!!They deserve the ”Fall Down”.Artificial Country,artificial LIFE!

  10. It has been said for the last ten years that Dubai’s economy is collapsing still haven’t seen it !

    • If happen what will happen

  11. End of Gulf states Rise of China

  12. I am happy in DUBAI

  13. Hey hey hang on your fake dont be jealous from us

  14. Lot’s of experts on here eh. Wonder how many have been or even lived there. Don’t believe all you read in the comics.

  15. Every Country have it’s ups and downs but i am confident that this beautiful country UAE is supported by prayers of all UAE nationals and expatriates living here, this country gave me my life, my bread and butter and i am sure this phase of little difficulties will soon be gone and UAE especially Dubai will shine more brighter than before, love this country and respect it 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 Long live Rulers of UAE, love you all 🤗🤗

  16. Rising oil means live in dubai is becoming more overcome economical crisis is to reduce expenses in construction and inovation of airport and in building.too much expenses and wastage of money in new project will cost dubai a lot .if one day oil and petrol value or it diminish then it wil be dificult for dubai to overcome the financial way in new and construction of aeroplane for now in order to stop depenses in petrol and oil.minister should cut extra depenses and wastage in big project.

  17. Není tajemství, že miluji princeznu Mahru. Štěstí přeje připraveným.

  18. There are mistakes done by UAE Government and KSA. First massacre of Civilians and Children in Yemen due to Saudi sponsored War. Dubai 5% VAT in Commodities and many more

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